The APPG (All Party Parliamentary Group) will focus on Ageing Well


Recent focus of the APPG has been in introducing mindfulness in to schools and evaluating outcomes but the group now turns its attention to the other end of the lifespan.

A forthcoming Mindfulness All-Party Parliamentary Group hearing will focus on mindfulness and ageing well, providing an important opportunity to take stock of current practice, research and policy applications. Two strands of enquiry will ask how mindfulness might support ageing throughout the lifespan, and how we, or those we care for, can be supported in older age.

The group is due to start their work in mid-May. Watch this space for more details!

In the meantime, it’s important to remember that mindfulness can be useful at any stage of our lives, both for our own wellbeing but also for when we are caring for others. It’s interesting too that a lot of mindfulness studies indicate that mindfulness helps us develop compassion for ourselves and compassion for others.

(Taken from Jamie Bristowe, 'The Mindfulness Initiative'.)